Collaborative Art


KO and K1 Artists are currently all working on a collaborative Installation for the front office.  

The entire month of June finds students working on the unit called Things that Grow. This includes things in nature like birds and insects as well as lots of other things that grow and change.

Artists have created papers through painting much like Eric Carle uses in his books. Then they have  cut and torn them, reshaping into new and interesting animals, insects, fish and flowers. These are being applied to a large, painted landscape canvass for display.

Each artist has also created a 3-D piece of artwork, either an insect or a bird that will also be hung in the office as part of a mobile, adding another dimension to the artwork and creating  wonderful habitat full of growing things.

Great work everyone!

 Here is just a hint of what is to come…. can you see the birds, insects, fish and flowers?  

Our latest works of art include a KO-K1 art collaboration.  All four classes are working towards a 3D canvas banner for hanging in the office at Ellison Parks reflecting the learnings of the Unit called Things that grow.  That pretty much leaves us open to everything in nature, very exciting and awesome for creative minds.

For the first two weeks of this project the artists worked on creating colorful papers that they will use pretty soon in Eric Carle fashion to tear up and recreate as new art.

They experimented with watercolors, this week only having yellow, blue and red (these artists will tell you these are the primary colors).  From these three colors they made so many new colors, playing with mixing, talking to each other, sharing ideas and techniques. It was dry fun to see.

They also worked with tempera paint and different ways to apply paints, using sponges and other tools to scrape out designs.

We are really looking forward next week to tearing those up and creating lots of things that grow.

Projects that cross over both K-0 and K-1 classes are sometimes fun to do.  Here is one of our latest projects. 


 Curriculum Standards or IEP Goals for this project:

  • I can listen actively as an individual and as a member of a group
  • I describe the position of object using the words such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, next to
  • I can identify 2-dimensional shapes
  • understand primary and secondary colors
  • distinguish between basic shapes and forms
  • explore and experiment with materials
  • use tools/ materials in a safe manner

 VSA Visiting Artist Kristine Biegel

Ellison Parks School

Introduction to collaging and revisiting color


Today’s project is all about color and having fun with color. Artists will create a side by side color collage reinforcing their understandings of cool and hot colors and how a variety of materials can be used to create a colorful work of art.

Our Color Project

Artists will start with a sheet of paper divided into two halves. Each artists will choose a wooden shape (circle, square, triangle, rectangle or star)  that they want to trace on each side of the paper. Using markers, crayons, colored pencils the artists will color one shape in with hot colors and the other shape on the other side in with cool colors.

Once the shape is colored in the artists will then collage around the shape the opposite family of colors. So the hot colored square will have cool colors collaged all around it to show the contrast and the cool colored square will have all hot colors collaged around it to show the contrast.

Materials used to collage will be paper, foam, tissue, and anything else that can be glued down with a glue stick.

The end result will be a multi-layered, mixed medium piece of artwork with lots of amazing colors and textures.  

Discussion points

  • Where are your hot colors?
  • Where are your cool colors?
  • What shape did you trace to make a reflection?
  • What does it mean to use mixed mediums?

Vocabulary words:

  • Hot colors: reds, oranges and yellows - the colors have lots of energy and give a picture a sense of excitement.
  • Cool colors: blues, greens, purples - these colors are used to show calm and quiet in an artwork.
  • Mixed medium - when an artist uses a variety of art making materials in one artwork.
  • collage - to create an artwork by gluing things onto paper, overlapping and mixing materials.